Deseo Bistro

RAW:ALMOND AT WORK – image gallery

This collection of low grade photos offers a glimpse of kitchen action at RAW:almond 2014 thus far. Culinary talent depicted hail from these fine Winnipeg eateries: Bistro 7 1/4, deer + almond, Deseo BistroDiversity Food ServicesElements the Restaurant, Lobby on York and Segovia Tapas Bar and Restaurant. Cyrus Smith lives in Berlin.

RAW:ALMOND NIGHT EIGHT – Chef Scott Bagshaw recaps; intro by Chef Mandel Hitzer

Filmed January 31; the eighth night of RAW:almond marked the fourth night in the kitchen for Chef Scott Bagshaw of Deseo Bistro.


‘Why let mother nature get in the way of us having a good time and doing something really fun?’ – Scott Bagshaw, returning #riverpopup chef, pretty much sums things up the spirit of RAW:almond to CTV Winnipeg.