Much love for this capture of a tender, Canadian moment shared between Chefs Ryan Lachaine and Mandel Hitzer last night on the ice. Is Ryan wearing The Warden’s chapeau? These two will be back in action (posing and cooking) tonight for the second last evening of RAW:almond 2014.


RAW:almond 2014. Photo by Jacqueline Young.

RAW:almond 2014. Photo by Jacqueline Young.

RAW:almond is thrilled to be the first stop on Thursday’s cycling and restaurant tour, A Feast for the Winter Brave, mounted by the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ as part of 2nd International Winter Cycling Congress.

The event will see a group of 40 cyclists tour Winnipeg’s core, after eating at RAW:almond the pack will stop for further sustenance at East India Company Pub & Eatery, Thom Bargen Coffee & Tea, Jane’s Restaurant and Promenade Cafe and Wine.

Diners at Moveable Feast summer 2013. Photo courtesy the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ.

Diners at Moveable Feast summer 2013. Photo courtesy the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ.

A similar dine-and-dash event, Moveable Feast 2013, was a summer success. However, it wasn’t possible for those fair weather diners to have the RAW:almond experience — by mid-June the temporary restaurant’s solid ice foundation has long melted into rushing waters.

The aim of the Winter Cycling Congress is ‘to create, promote, maintain and sustain vibrant bike-friendly cities through out the year’. Last year, the inaugural event took place in Oulu, Finland, a city we could perhaps take winter cycling style notes from as illustrated in Conference Director (and Winnipegger) Anders Swanson’s beautiful flickr set.

Follow along with WinterBikeConference on Twitter.

Cyclist on ice passes RAW:almond 2014. Photo courtesy of Anders Swanson.

Cyclist on ice passes RAW:almond 2014. Photo courtesy of Anders Swanson.

On a semi-related note, cooking for the great hall at RAW:almond February 12 and 13 is Calgarian Jason Barton-Browne. The chef is himself an avid cyclist who once peddled from Calgary to Thunder Bay in support of Camp Quality. Check him out on Twitter @therealJBB.

And, on a less related but equally neat note, Chef Ryan Lachaine comes home from Houston, TX to heat up the tasting lounge at RAW:almond February 12 and 13. His #riverpopup tweets are already quite entertaining.

RAW:ALMOND AT WORK – image gallery

This collection of low grade photos offers a glimpse of kitchen action at RAW:almond 2014 thus far. Culinary talent depicted hail from these fine Winnipeg eateries: Bistro 7 1/4, deer + almond, Deseo BistroDiversity Food ServicesElements the Restaurant, Lobby on York and Segovia Tapas Bar and Restaurant. Cyrus Smith lives in Berlin.

BRUNCH ON ICE – Saturdays and Sundays are Fun Days with Tansi at RAW:almond

This was last weekend’s Tansi Brunch at RAW:almond. Pretty darn delicious.

Luckily, it’s about to happen all over again this weekend (Feb 1-2) and the next (Feb 8-9), from 9 am-2 pm. Everyone is welcome, no tickets or reservations required.

The multi-course, walk-up brunch costs $22 (cash only). It’s not surprising the food is delicious with Talia Syrie in the kitchen. The Tansi Restaurant at Neechi Commons food coordinator and The Tallest Poppy owner is well-known for doing right by brunch.

New to this weekend’s Tansi menu: Corn beef hash with biscuits and gravy! And something simply called ‘hot mess’ that involves chocolate.

The most exciting brunch development is the new Marshmallow Tasting Bar debuting this weekend.

For $7 (cash only) try four flavours of handmade marshmallow: Sweet sugar-dusted, Blueberry spicy chili lime chocolate-dipped, Salty chocolate-dipped, and Chili flaked in sweet lemon ginger sauce.

For more menu deets check out Talia on Twitter.

Thank you to active members of Winnipeg’s food community, Kevin Bailey and Shel Zolkevich, for sharing their Tansi brunch photos. Shel has a great piece on weekend brunch in her River City Kitchen column.

RAW:almond is located on the frozen confluence of the Assiniboine and Red Rivers, adjacent the Red River Mutual Trail in Winnipeg, Manitoba.