BRUNCH ON ICE – Saturdays and Sundays are Fun Days with Tansi at RAW:almond

This was last weekend’s Tansi Brunch at RAW:almond. Pretty darn delicious.

Luckily, it’s about to happen all over again this weekend (Feb 1-2) and the next (Feb 8-9), from 9 am-2 pm. Everyone is welcome, no tickets or reservations required.

The multi-course, walk-up brunch costs $22 (cash only). It’s not surprising the food is delicious with Talia Syrie in the kitchen. The Tansi Restaurant at Neechi Commons food coordinator and The Tallest Poppy owner is well-known for doing right by brunch.

New to this weekend’s Tansi menu: Corn beef hash with biscuits and gravy! And something simply called ‘hot mess’ that involves chocolate.

The most exciting brunch development is the new Marshmallow Tasting Bar debuting this weekend.

For $7 (cash only) try four flavours of handmade marshmallow: Sweet sugar-dusted, Blueberry spicy chili lime chocolate-dipped, Salty chocolate-dipped, and Chili flaked in sweet lemon ginger sauce.

For more menu deets check out Talia on Twitter.

Thank you to active members of Winnipeg’s food community, Kevin Bailey and Shel Zolkevich, for sharing their Tansi brunch photos. Shel has a great piece on weekend brunch in her River City Kitchen column.

RAW:almond is located on the frozen confluence of the Assiniboine and Red Rivers, adjacent the Red River Mutual Trail in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


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